General Motors returns to Europe with ARIV, its new brand of eBikes

General Motors - ARIV Logo

The General Motors in Europe it is traca. A few years ago, when he was going to Chevrolet , he decided to put his foot down and run away. After that, he sold Opel and Vauxhall to the PSA Group, for which he severed all commercial ties with the Old Continent. However, it seems that the return of the American conglomerate is closer to occur. Even so, it will not be as many expect, as it will not on four wheels, but on two.

Yes, gentlemen, General Motors will return to Europe under a new brand, ARIV . This firm, recently created, has nothing to do with cars, but with bicycles. This is the new niche market they have gotten into, as electric bicycles are the order of the day and their market share keeps growing. For this reason, they have created two eBikes that should help you to conquer the hearts of the most ecological Europeans.

General Motors will attempt to assault Europe again with their eBikes

 General Motors - ARĪV eBikes

The eBikes of ARIV have been designed in the United States under the General Motors standards To help in their movement, they are equipped with lithium ion batteries that recharge in about three and a half hours. With it, they reach a autonomy of up to 64 kilometers and achieve a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour . The load of these is about 3.5 hours and have four levels of power assisted by pedal.

To all this, add a elegant design and versatile, they can be folded and Save yourself almost anywhere. Along with it, they have LED lighting (front and rear), oversized brake discs and even a USB port for mobile devices. Finally, they can connect, via Bluetooth, to the mobile. Thus, through a mobile application, we can know information such as distance traveled , battery charge or general status.

For now, only have two models ( Meld and Merge ) and we do not know the date of arrival in the Spanish market. In any case, they are already available in the Netherlands and Belgium, although their prices are not economic. The simplest versions start from 2,800 euros and the most complete go up to 3,400 euros .