Production of the next Honda Civic could end in the United States

Test Honda Civic Type R dynamic front

Two days ago we told you a news bomb: Honda had decided to close the factory it has in United Kingdom . The reason for ceasing operations in the Anglo-Saxon country are not yet official, but surely the Brexit has much to do. The case, is that the plan to move the production of this center is taking its first steps, and how could it be otherwise, there are already destinations.

As we know, the only model that leaves Swindon is the tenth generation of the Honda Civic . The lucky version is the five-door body and the radical Type R, as the four-port is mounted in the United States. However, 65 percent of the units that leave this factory do not end in Europe , but in North America. Therefore, the rumors are already announcing what will be the way forward for the next generation of the Civic.

65% of the Civics from Swindon end up in the US

Test Honda Civic Type R side view

According to a person very close to the brand, they are considering moving the production of the Civic hatchback to United States . If we take into account that the life cycle of the current model will end in 2021, the plans go at full speed, since they would already be designing the eleventh iteration. Still, Honda has other production centers in the Americas and anyone could be suitable to host a new model.

The Honda Civic sedan version comes out of the facilities that the brand has in Indiana (United States) and Alliston (Canada). However, in El Salto and Celaya (Mexico) they mount the Fit, CR-V and HR-V, so they could take the short version of the Civic there and save costs One of the advantages of moving the production of a model based on a modular platform is logistics and utilization.

The current Civic , as well as the new CR- V , although they do not seem it, they share many elements and therefore, it would not be expensive for them to share assembly lines. In any case, we still have to wait for the decision of the brand, because we are still in shock after the announcement of the closure of Swindon.

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