The best simulation car games for PC and consoles

Forza Motorsport 7

Do you like to drive? (BMW). Surely, these words are some of the most iconic and recognized worldwide. The commercial "Hand" has accompanied the German firm for almost 15 years and still in the minds of consumers is still one of the brand's best known slogans. With this slogan, BMW sought to convey to the public those sensations that will reveal the happiness that driving produces . Today, these values ​​are more plausible than ever.

For motor and driving enthusiasts who want to immerse themselves in an experience that transports them to the controls of a good car, there are many > simulation car games and accessories or gadgets [the steering wheel, gear lever and pedals] to make this possible. Video games of this genre have boosted sales due to the greater power of current consoles and PCs and the emergence of virtual reality, thereby achieving more realistic textures and details, huge open worlds, incredible physics, a greater sense of speed and much more immersive experiences.

A When it comes to reviewing the best driving titles of recent and current years, we must differentiate between two subgenres: Arcade Simulator and Simulator. The first will not be essential to have a steering wheel, because the driving physics do not seek to be completely accurate in relation to reality. However, video games of simulators, if we want to take our experience to the limit and make it as real as possible, we must add a good handout to our console or PC (below, the list of the best).

Arcade simulators

Video games belonging to this subgenre show the ideal balance between the requirement of the simulation and the fun of the arcade .

Project Cars 2 (Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC)


The second installment of one of the titles that was a revolution in the genre thanks to the realism it brings in the driving simulation. With Project Cars 2, we obtain a quality leap that makes the game a reference, both for its content and finish and for its fantastic gameplay and realism in the visual environment.

In addition to the extensive and worked-out mode Race of the game, we can also beat other players in online mode.

F1 2018 (Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC)

Capture video game

The star game of Codemasters, the company that develops the video game. The flagship of racing simulators. This is the ideal videogame for driving enthusiasts and essential for fans of Formula 1. This long-lived franchise left us with a very good feeling with this delivery, a very realistic driving experience, a greater difficulty and a surprisingly improved AI. The scenarios also worked a lot, achieving greater immersion in the piloting.

Forza Horizon 4 (Available on Xbox One and PC)

Forza Horizon 4

The Horizon saga has become a hollow in this subgenre in a more than deserved way.Motorsport 7 "itemprop =" image ">

Unlike the previous titles of the saga, Forza Motorsport 7 has managed to combine realism and fun with a campaign mode of ten, improving AI completely In addition, another aspect to highlight is its improvement in its visual finish.The graphics give a remarkable leap with respect to previous deliveries.

DiRT Rally (Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC)

DiRT Rally

A variant of the subgenre dedicated to a very specific audience.The world of the Rally has a remarkable number of followers, who deeply appreciate the jump that the title has given with this delivery. p>

The realism in all the details of the piloting, the visual environment and the graphics, the physical and remarkable finishes make the DiRT Rally the main main reference of this sports discipline.

DiRT 4 (Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC)

DiRT 4

After the success of DiRT Rally, Codemasters launched a new delivery for all lovers of arcades. DiRT 4 included numerous rally stages and a great variety of tests. In addition, the online modalities grew notably, leaving damaged the campaign mode was somewhat tarnished by its lack of depth. In spite of everything, DiRT 4 managed to offer a fun and demanding experience in equal parts.

Gran Turismo Sport (Available on PlayStation 4)

Gran Turismo Sport

Who has not enjoyed this title ever? Probably, very few. Gran Turismo is one of the most legendary sagas and loved by gamers. In this new installment they bet fully on online competitions and created a remarkable title that maintained the playable essence of the franchise.

The result? The less expected the less ... The offline modes were very scarce and very little worked, putting emphasis exclusively on competitive online experience. In addition, surprisingly, to the above we must add a huge lack of cars and paths and the absence of climate changes, fundamental aspects in video games that seek to achieve a simulation of complete piloting.

Simulators: not suitable for beginners

Within the genre of driving, we also find options for those looking to experience a much more real and competitive driving. These video games are intended for a very specific audience, one that seeks to find titles that can offer an experience as close as possible to the simulators used by the competition teams. To enjoy these games to the fullest, will be essential to have a good flyer (see list of the best below).

Assetto Corsa (Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC)