The EU wants to reduce the CO2 of trucks by 30% by 2030

European emissions reduction for trucks 30% by 2030

The European Union arrives for the first time to an agreement to reduce emissions from trucks . According to the provisional draft, the CO2 emitted by heavy transport vehicles by road should decrease by 30% by the year 2030 .

The measure discussed in the cameras follows the line of the 37.5% reduction set for cars in 2030 . The same applies to light transport vehicles , which will also have to reduce CO2 by 31% . Both percentages starting from the targets marked for 2021.

Ambitious objectives not only for transport

The first time this proposal was submitted was in May 2018. Although originally it was only proposed that truck emissions should be 15% more low in 2025. This objective has been extended taking into account the evolution of electric mobility for various types of transport. The general objective of the EU is to reduce greenhouse gases by 40% by 2030, starting from the levels of 1990. So the reduction of vehicle emissions is only a part to achieve this goal.

The commissioner for Climate Action and Energy , Miguel Arias Cañete, declared: "With the first emission reduction targets for trucks agreed by the EU, we are completing the legal framework to achieve the European objective of reducing Circulate greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40% by 2030. The European Parliament and the Council have reached an ambitious and balanced agreement. The new objectives and incentives will help to tackle emissions. But also to save fuel to transport operators and to get a clean air for Europeans. For the EU industry it is an opportunity to embrace innovation towards zero-emission mobility and further strengthen its global leadership in green vehicles. "

The regulation has yet to be formally approved by the European Parliament and the Council, although no setbacks are expected in the process. After its approval "will come into force immediately" in all member countries of the European Union.

The Nikolapodria electric truck help comply with the emission reduction of 30% by 2030 in the EU

What manufacturers say

The European Association of Automobile Manufacturers (ACEA) expressed concern about the new objectives and described them as "highly ambitious". The association is also concerned about the availability of an adequate cargo infrastructure.Do not miss the video of the Tesla truck in which more details of its final appearance and the sound of its 1,032 CV are revealed. It may interest you