The first Lamborghini hybrid will be a special edition with a V12 engine

The first Lamborghini LB48H hybrid will be based on the Terzo Millennio

Lamborghini has been talking about hybridization for quite some time and it seems that we will finally see your first production hybrid at the next Frankfurt Motor Show. The news comes from the brand's own Commercial Director, Federico Foschini, who confirmed that the model already has an internal name: LB48H.

Foschini did not say much about this supercar, but said it will be a limited edition of the style of the Centenario, the Reventon and the Venom . Only 63 units will be manufactured, a number that aims to make a nod to some creation of Lamborghini in that year. The funny thing is that, despite the recent news all units are already sold .

Based on the Terzo Millennio

 Lamborghini's first hybrid based on the Terzo Millennio

As reported from the brand, the LB48H will have a series of details that we already saw in the concept Terzo Millennio (photos of this article). There is no more information on what style aspects will end up coming to the street model, but taking into account the previous limited editions of the brand, the most likely thing is to keep the especially aggressive character that you can see in the images.

A hybrid designed for performance

What will not be borrowed from Terzo Millennio is the electric motor that I was wearing this concept . The LB48H will have a hybrid power train that will combine an electric motor with the standard Lamborghini 6.5-liter V12 engine.

The electric motor is designed to move the front wheels exclusively, while the V12 will take care of the rear . This configuration will give the supercar four-wheel drive, as well as great power. The specifications it will have are still unknown, but rumors from sources close to the brand have suggested that the car will have a combined power of 850 hp.

 First Lamborghini hybrid based on the Terzo Millennio lateral

More Lamborghini hybrids

In addition to talking about this special edition, Foschini confirmed that another "surprise" will be presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show. He refused to give more details, but the publication to which he granted the interview, believes that the mysterious model will be a hybrid version of the Urus.

Foschini also dropped some clues about the successor of Aventador . He indicated that the model could not arrive until after 2020. He also suggested that its plug-in hybrid powertrain will allow autonomy in electric mode of 30 and 50 km .

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